Countering the Mass Shooter Threat

Countering the Mass Shooter Threat

In this class, you’ll review an analysis of data gathered from 48 mass shootings that have occurred since Columbine, to determine what can be learned from these tragedies, including whether a reduction in magazine capacity or the banning of any class of firearm would have changed the outcome. You’ll also learn whether “gun-free” zones figure into the planning of these mass murderers; whether victim response at any mass shooting has made a difference; and whether “universal background checks” or other proposals by gun control advocates stand a chance of stemming the current trajectory of these shootings. This course summarizes this data with a comprehensive plan designed to eliminate the scourge of these shooters once and for all. Located in Lawrenceburg, Ky.

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Protecting Your Congregation

This is a specially designed, Church specific course about countering the mass shooter threats. If an armed attacker enters your place of worship, God is not going to stop him. An armed volunteer, locked security door or escape plan that has been practiced repeatedly by your parishioners just might. The reality is, it may take all three of those countermeasures to prevent or end an attack.

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This class presents the facts of mass shootings that have occurred in the US since Columbine and what we can learn from them. It offers great information and Nick is an excellent teacher. I’m looking forward to taking more classes with him!

— Former Stunder