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Our BIG Announcement Revealed

We teased a few weeks back that there were some big changes coming that limited our visibility on social media and our blog. So, as some of you have seen, I am officially announcing that Safety Reloaded is a licensed FFL in Lawrenceburg, KY. We can buy, sell, and special-order firearms as well as facilitate transfers. We will primarily be focusing on special orders rifles and pistols but will maintain a stock of new and used firearms on our website.

We are already set-up with several ammunition suppliers including Minuteman, Howell Munitions, and we are working with a frangible training munitions vendor to further enhance some of our classes. We are continuing to build partnerships within our community and have found a great range locally that will help grow our capabilities. Lastly, and one we are very proud of, we are an approved Bravo Concealment Holsters vendor! All of these will begin to start showing up on our website as well.

Our passion is still training and serving the community to better prepare families, churches, and businesses for whatever is thrown at them. We believe expanding the business to include sales of firearms and equipment is a logical step that continues our mission. We will continue to partner with other great groups and provide you the best firearms accessories and equipment we can.

Even with this new growth, we are not immune to the pandemic in our country. Given the current climate, we will only be open by appointment until further notice to pick-up or look at our firearms inventory. All on-line orders will be sent out as soon as possible, but we ask for your patience as we continue to work through the same challenges as all of you.