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Making Your Own Face Mask – Part 2

Face masks, yes, I am sick of hearing about it too! Barring some major changes, this is the last time I will write about it. The current policy of many states, cities, companies and stores is that people must wear a face mask while shopping or within 6 feet of one another. The science behind wearing a face mask is sound, politics aside. If I cover my mouth and cough, I don’t spread as many germs. The few germs that may escape my covered face, are then impeded by the mask you are wearing. All of this reduces the risk, not eliminates it. And a reduced risk of infection is important to those who are at higher risk of severe cases of COVID, like those with asthma, diabetes, heart conditions, compromised immune systems, etc. With that in mind, face masks aren’t still that readily available so making them is still one of the better options for those who should be wearing them.

I’ve talked about in the past the that there are several ways to make your own face covering (original blog post), but if you are not a seamstress you may have found that link useless. With that in mind, for those of us with less than an ideal sewing aptitude, or those looking for other ways to make face masks, let me introduce you to They put out a post that has 5 alternatives to creating a face masks, 2 of which that don’t require any sewing! Link HERE.

I hate to admit it, but the idea of making a face mask out of a T-shirt never occurred to me. Most of us probably have an old favorite shirt we are still holding onto, thinking one day we will fit back in it. This may be a great time to “up-cycle” it into a functional face covering.