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Official Taser Civilian Trainer

Safety Reloaded was founded on the principals that everyone should be educated, trained, and prepared for the worst day of their lives. With those ideals guiding us, we continue to expand our business offerings to best suit our customers and their needs. We understand that there is some hesitation from individuals and churches to carry firearms, yet they have the want and need to keep those around them safe. With that in mind, I am pleased to announce that we are now the ONLY Authorized Civilian Taser training group in the state of Kentucky. Tasers are electroshock weapons designed to incapacitate an individual, or animal, to allow you to escape to safety.

With this expansion into the less-lethal market, we have begun carrying and stocking Taser Pulse, Pulse+, and Strikelights. We can offer hands on, practical training with your device of choice. This active approach can help you become more proficient and comfortable with these options.

Contact us today to get schedule training or buy your Taser!